Black Road

Well.. it appears as though the commencement of March has brought with it a 30-degree-potentially-wintery-mix kind of weather. And although most people I’ve conversed with are #overit, I seem to form the most pleasant of memories during winter weather. My drive to and from Austin today was quite a trip down memory lane because of it. I can’t be the only one who associates the cold with certain things.. holidays with family, sipping a hot drink outside in the cold, keeping warm by a fireplace.. Anyone?

I realized how happy this kind of weather made me during today’s Austin Adventures.. The beauty that comes from looking out at the rainy sky, the comfort that comes from having your heater on blast yet knowing just how frigid it is outside, how it feels to give in to the mellowness, the sultriness.. and the calmness of a rainy, cold day. As someone who finds it difficult to simply sit around and be unproductive, rainy days empower me to just be. They allow me to set aside that critical, judgmental part of myself for awhile. I notice myself daydreaming quite a bit more on days like today. I can let my thoughts run aimlessly — and that’s okay, because on days like today overthinking doesn’t cause anxiety. As a rainy day advocate, I believe they counterbalance the hectic nature of what’s typical and expected. But that’s just me.

If you are struggling to relate, I highly recommend taking a cold and rainy day for yourself. Although most people prefer to spend their time indoors during these weather conditions, at the very least be able to see what it’s like outside! (while you’re doing whatever activity it is that you plan to do).

Black Road, a combination of downtempo, trip-hop, and electronic music, is exceptionally fitting as background music to your soon-to-be newfound love of rainy/cold weather. For me, it evokes an incredible amount of emotion that is heightened with the proper setting; which is why I recommend listening to it as close to nature as possible. I hope it evokes the same emotions for you as it does for me.



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